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Why Not take Insurance ?

Care Comes First

We don't accept insurance.  Dealing with insurance companies raises our costs substantially because we have to hire and train people whose only job is to deal with insurance paperwork.  This doesn't help patient care, it just adds expense.  As insurance has evolved with ever higher deductibles and co-pays, many patients don't reach their deductible in a year and end up paying cash for most of their medical treatment regardless of coverage.  Our fees aren't much higher that most co-pays and our goal is to save you as much or more by not having tests you don't need.  There's almost no waiting time for appointments and our patients do not have to waste time going to the doctor's office or waiting there.  If you need tests, we will make sure they are covered by your provider. Our only charges are for the consultation.


We want to provide you convenient services with little to no wait. Our goal is to have your visit performed with in 24-48 hours. If you are not sure whether we can help, please feel free to email us and ask.

Video Consultations

Offering Convenience

We offer the flexibility of an online video consultation service. We can help answer questions you have with your ongoing medical care or provide advice for ongoing neurological problems. Please feel free to email us and see if we can help. We will only charge for an issue we can help with.

Concierge Visits

Care where you need it

We will come to your home or work to provide neurologic evaluations. While we do not accept insurance, we offer you the cost savings of travel and wait times for typical office visits. The cost of this service is no more than your typical co-pay or out of pocket expense for your insurance covered services. We can arrange any follow up testing to be provided under insurance coverage. We do offer additional testing, like nerve testing, as a fee for service.

Medical Marijuana

New option for chronic conditions

We provide evaluations for certification for medical marijuana. With most of the qualifying conditions being neurological, we want to make sure you are seeing a physician who is experienced in treating neurology conditions. We will complete all of your documentation requirements prior to your in person evaluation [required by state]. We can schedule you evaluation at our office, or somewhere convenient to you.

Medical Record Review

Second Opinion

We will review your complete medical history. We will help translate everything into simpler terminology so you have a better understanding of your health issues and treatments. We want to empower you to take better control over your healthcare. You need to be informed and make sure you are getting the best care for your money. It's your care, you are in control.

Our goal is to help improve your medical care, provide convenience, reduce costs and help you make better medical decisions.

We use technology to help provide you access to more convenient medical advice. We use video, email and chat to provide you remote access to medical care. In addition, we offer in person medical consultations at your home or work. Our goal is to provide you access to specialty care with convenience. We provide consultation services for general neurology and sleep conditions.

Offering Medical Care Convenient to You

Personal Neurology is a new type of medical practice, with focus on neurological and sleep conditions, designed to provide personalized care. We provide care convenient to you

  • Offering in person consultations at your work or home.

  • Remote Online Video Consultations

  • Second Opinion, to help you decide what tests are necessary

  • We also offer evaluations for Medical Marijuana certification.

We want to make sure you get the care you need. We will help you save time and money, and improve your medical care.

Neurology and Sleep Services

         Convenient to You


Please email us, for free, and see if we can help