Can I get a same-day appointment?

Many times yes. Someone is often available online during the day and evenings. Email us and we will respond typically within an hour to let you know when someone will be available.

Will my insurance cover my visit?

No. We do not take insurance. This is for various reasons; there is additional cost to maintain staff and credentialing for insurance billing. Our services are dedicated to help you reduce your out of pocket expense with your ongoing care, or to provide a more personalized service that is not covered by insurance.

Why would I chose to pay for your services?

Most likely your present insurance has a large co-pay and out of pocket deductible, so you are already paying for most of your care. We will provide you with additional savings by providing care remotely or at your home or work, saving you time and money. Our services will help you save money, by making sure you receive the tests and therapies you need.

Who provides care?

Medical services are provided by Dr. Bruce Rubinowicz, D.O.. He is Board Certified in Neurology and Sleep Medicine. He was in practice in the Nashville, TN area for 18 years, and 3 years in remote intraoperative monitoring. For the past year he has been working with industry influencers to help solve the crisis with chronic pain and delayed recovery with injured workers.

Is there a money back guarantee?

We only provide services when we feel we can help. We will only accept questions when we feel we can help. We cannot guarantee that you will agree with our advice or suggestions, no more than you would during a routine office visit with your present doctor. There is no cost or commitment in submitting a request. Email us!

What conditions do you treat?

We treat most general neurology and sleep conditions. Our clinical experience has provided us with extensive exposure with most neurologic and seep problems. Clinical experience has been in all areas of general neurology, and sleep medicine [previous medical director for accredited sleep centers]. We have resources to direct you to additional testing, through insurance if needed. We can also prescribe medications.

What state do you provide services?

We are licensed in Florida and Tennessee, but will limit our in person visits in Florida, primarily southeast Florida. As demand grows we will seek to add providers in other areas and states.

Do you have malpractice insurance?

The state of Florida does not require providers to carry malpractice coverage when they provide limited hours and scope of service. Due to the limitations instituted we will not carry malpractice coverage. This allows us to keep costs lower.

How do Video Visits work?

You will be sent a link to download an app on your phone or computer with instructions to enter the Neuro411 waiting room. Or you can download the app yourself, doxy.me. You enter as a patient of go to waiting room https://doxy.me/Neuro411

How does the online Chat work?

We will send you a link, email or text, to a chat app, qliq, to download and access HIPPA compliant secured chat room. You can then use the chat feature on your phone or computer to communicate with us. You download the app yourself as well at qliqsoft.com, or on your phone, qliq.

Why not just use the instant messenger, skype or Facetime?

We need to use secured, HIPPA compliant platforms to communicate with patients. Instant messenger, skype and facetime are not secured or HIPPA compliant. We do this to protect your privacy.